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SEO, SEM & Web Design Solutions Mumbai, India

Welcome to LBW Solutions, the only low cost SEO service provider based in Mumbai, India. Since 2007 we have been serving local & national businesses throughout India, United States, United Kingdom & Australia. After 10+ years of experience we now helping global business to increase their online visibility.

Why Us?

We’ve helped hundreds of thousands of local & national businesses get found and get customers. But this is not the reason for choosing us. We do not have any fix Search Engine Optimization Packages in our strategy. We believe that each and every business has its specific requirements which cannot come under any fix budget. Different type of business, industries can make different requirements for business. So the only solution on this is making custom plan what we do for our clients.

Every SEO company has a blend of On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO strategies for their clients in their SEO package. We make SEO strategy which require for your business industry and location, check out SEO Activities we performed for our all clients and compare this with other SEO agencies.

Unlimited Keywords

This is something new that we offer to all our clients. We bet you won’t find single company having this facility in their SEO package. We include all possible keywords related to your business and optimize your website to increase visibility for these keywords. But keep in mind Keyword Rankings are depend on various factors such as location, IP address, cookies etc., also the most important thing is all SEO implementations including quality content ensure the positive organic rankings. Here is nice read on Rankings Factors.

Why We Have Affordable Search Engine Optimization Solutions?

Mostly we use free tools provided by Google, Bing & other helpful resource which other companies also do. We always charge clients as per the man hours in India. We do not have any private network and use free websites with high DA/PA to generate backlinks. Check the updated list of all Off-page submission sites, which you can use to generate backlinks, since all these website are third party we cannot give a guarantee of these website and no any other agency can guarantee you for these websites.

We work same as a many SEO BIG BRANDS in the industry which charge as per their Brand value which is higher than your business, but here at LBW Solutions we are committed to provide the low cost SEO services & SEO awareness.



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