What is Local SEO?

It is observed that with the development of smart phones, mosLocal SEOt people rely on their mobile phones to browse on the internet. And with mobile data available at inexpensive price points, it is easy and convenient to search on the internet even while travelling. Because of this the value of local SEO has gained so much importance.

Localized SEO makes sure that your website is available to the user if she or he is buying a product or service that you provide from their current location. For instance, if you are looking for a flower shop to deliver flowers to your relatives, Search engines like Google & Bing will provide you with results of several flower shops near your existing location. So, if you have ignored local SEO services, you may lose a lot of customers from your own area for sure.

It is necessary to remember that even when user buys or find products or are looking for a few kind of services, they prefer to choose a company which is near home. Hence, local effective search engine optimization is most important to increase the local visibility.


It can help you reach your customers who are most likely searching to get services or products you provide – Customers searching for products and services in their local are areas mostly looking to purchase something. They want to buy from a local shop or visit a specialist close by or acquire any services and would always prefer a local store or service provider than one situated a long way away. Hence such prospects users have highest potential to convert to customers who would remain loyal for a long time to come. If they are satisfied with your product or services, not only would they buy it themselves but also recommend it to their neighbours and friends thus boosting your chances of getting even more local customers. We all know how ‘word of mouth’ remains the most effective way to get business.

Local SEO will help you engage with local customers on your website and get customer reviews – Native SEO assists you to reach away to customers in more meaningful ways. You can interact with them on a daily basis with social media marketing or regular offers through ads. In return, these customers may create reviews of your service online which not only attracts more customers but also brings about better search engine search positions and quality score.

Our local SEO service is inclusive of everything needed to increase business visibility.

  • Geographic keyword research
  • Google Map (Places) listing
  • Yahoo/Bing local listing
  • Apple Map listing
  • Optimization of map listings
  • Competitive research and link assessment
  • Building inbound Links (From Local/City Websites)
  • Selection of listing category
  • Citation building (Accumulation of lists of top citation directories for various countries and business niches, such as Info Pages, Super Pages, Yellow Pages, Local Directories, etc.)
  • Fixing issues such as Duplicate Listings, Merged Listings, Suspended Listings, etc.
  • Boosting brand awareness with videos, photos, and more.


We’ll help you connect with your intended local audience by optimizing your content for a specific geographic area. It’s a goal we’ll achieve by optimizing your existing content for local markets and creating new content with a local spin.

The first page of local search results on Google typically includes a map. For this reason, map search optimization is essential to ensuring that map-driven listings connect businesses with potential local customers. Optimizing your online content for Google Maps is a key part of an effective marketing strategy for local businesses.

One of the most effective ways to rank a website is with link building. Our marketing team will determine the most effective way to build high quality backlinks to your website.

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